Out Now

Book Two of the Calloway series has finally arrived. 

Get ready to take a chance and bet on love with Gage and Millie.  On the picturesque Aura Isle, a dilapidated hotel stands as a testament to a forgotten era. But when Gage, a charming and wealthy stranger, arrives claiming to have won half of the hotel in a poker game, Millie, the feisty and determined owner, is less than thrilled. 

As they embark on a journey to modernize the hotel and make it thrive once again, sparks fly between Gage and Millie. But with each passing day, the tension between them grows, and their fight for control over the hotel becomes more heated. Will Millie be able to resist Gage's irresistible charm and hold onto her dream of owning the hotel? Or will Gage's smooth talking and handsome looks win her over?  One thing is for sure, this battle between love and business is about to get a lot more complicated.